Red Dot Robotics develops autonomous software to automate driving and mundane tasks, creating centrally-controlled robots that cooperate jointly to create enormous productivity
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    As robots are becoming more intelligent, they could perform tasks in environment that could otherwise endanger people's life. Robots could also assist human in simple jobs that would improve productivity and bottomline.

    There are many different kinds of robots. Red Dot Robotics focus on moving things. Red Dot Robotics began in a research institute and saw people's lives and companies' profitability could be greatly improved with autonomous robot automating the process of moving things.

    Red Dot Robotics wants to revolutionalize the business of moving things in engineering and aims to be the leader in automating logistics movement in manufacturing spaces.

  • Product & Services

    Teleop Robot

    Autonomous Robot

    Autonomous Conversion

    Red Dot Robotics offers teleoperated robot for various purposes - remote survelliance, inspection or moving in environment which is too dangerous for human.

    Red Dot Robotics also offer autonomous robot for indoor navigation for goods-carrying or outdoor delivery using our autonomous robots.

    If you are looking to convert an existing device into an autonomous machine, look no further,
    Red Dot Robotics is your choice of partner.

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